Alternative energy sources: prospects of application

A distinctive feature of NP «NAEERES» is the performance the energy audit of the companies with the development of projects aimed at improvement of the energy efficiency of their activities. The main directions of energy conservation and energy substitution on the basis of alternative energy sources, developed in the NP «NAEERES», are: photoelectric converters, solar collectors, heat pumps, windmills, complexes of energy-efficient intelligent systems of energy conservation and energy substitution, promising projects on integrated phyto-systems of energy generation and biomass processing, combined systems of alternative energy.To use solar panels it is very important to have clean Windows. For high-quality window cleaning, use a cleaning company that provides services window washing new york.

Consider the efficiency of energy conservation system on the example of the lighting system (Table 1).

The table shows the prospects of energy conservation in the lighting system. Our organization is the initiative order develops a number of projects for the national economy in Moscow and Russia. Complexes of energy conservation and energy substitution on the basis of «solar bat-teries» were approved in 2007-2010 in Moscow. The first draft at the house number 14 on Leontievsky lane showed the efficiency of the complexes «Photon». Energy savings amounted up to 6 MW/h per year. Complexes with vandal-proof energy-saving lamps, installed in 50 entrances of «Olympic Village» on Michurinskiy prospect of Moscow, provided energy savings of up to 500 MWh per year.

We developed the concept of implementation of energy conservation, based on «solar panels» for the housing - communal services of Moscow, which will save up to 1,000 GW-h of electricity per year, largely solving the problem of removing the peak load of power grid in Moscow. At the same time, it is possible to solve the problems, proposed by the concept, using the principles of gradual self-sufficiency. This will limit the actual expenditures from the budget of Moscow to not more than 30% of all expenditures, required for the installation of energy saving systems in 100 000 entrances and 10,000 administrative buildings in Moscow. Currently, the arsenal of NP «NAEERES» includes:

  • intellectual energy saving complex «SES 2000»;
  • type range of vandal-proof energy-saving LED lights with the sensors of automatic lighting control;
  • heating systems, based on the heating pumps for low temperature conversion of energy in the heating systems;
  • Much attention is paid to the promising alternatives energy projects, including complex projects:
  • System of full integrated processing of renewable biomass with the production of electricity, biogas, hot water, feed protein and organic fertilizers;
  • development of the projects with the use of prospective photovoltaic converter with the efficiency over 40%. Information segment of NP «NAEERES» considers the issue of applied projects of independent power generation, for pipelines monitoring, for example. It is assumed that within 10 years after the completion of the project, it will be realized 60% of the Russian energy saving potential in the sector of light, or about 31 billion kVt-h/year. This will improve the ecological situation in Russia by means of emissions reduction of CO2 by 15.5 million tons annually


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